30th December, 2007
We visited Brokkoli's half-sisters and brothers ... More photos >>>

28st December, 2007.
Born to be Wild is 6 weeks old, new photos >>>

21st December, 2007.
Born to be Wild is 5 weeks old, new photos >>>

14th December, 2007.
Born to be Wild is 4 weeks old, new photos >>>

8th December, 2007
Lots of new photos in Born to be Wild's gallery! >>>

30th November, 2007
Sennenland's A-litter is 6 month old! Happy Birthday Arwen, Lulu, Frida, Ami and Austin!

23rd November, 2007
1-week-old photos are online! >>>

16th November, 2007
Sennenland's Born to be Wild is born! Happy and her son are doing fine! Details>>>

29th October, 2007
Sennenland's B-litter will be born shortly! Details>>>

27th October, 2007
Our babies achieved fantastic results at the BSHC Clubshow!

Sennenland's Austin Powers very prom2 (out of 10),
American Beauty
very prom 2 and
Alice in Wonderland
very prom 3 (out of 7) in baby class!
Szilvi, Katarzyna, Dani: Congratulations!

14th October, 2007
CAC Show in Székesfehérvár: Sennenland's Alice in Wonderland very promising 1! Congratulations!

14th October, 2007
Updated: album of the puppies >>>

8th September, 2007
Updated: album of the puppies >>>

31th August, 2007
The Sennenland's A-litter is 3 month old today. On this special occassion :) we sent the individual puppy pages online, they can be found under "Litters".

4th August, 2007
Sennenland's Alice in Wonderland, our Frida is now also in her new home. We wish Szilvi, Attila and baby Anna many wonderful years with this girl!

4th August, 2007
Szekszárd CAC: Happy received in champion class exc.1., CAC!

3rd August, 2007
Sennenland's Arwen Evenstar is now living with her new owner. Hana, we hope Arwen fulfills all our hopes! :)

29th July, 2007
Sennenland's American Beauty and Austin Powers were picked up today by their new owners. We hope to see them again in October at the Berner Sennenhund Club's show!

27th July, 2007
Sennenland's Amidala moved to her new home today! I hope she will make the new owners as happy as we were for having her!

13th June, 2007
Photos about the puppies, updated almost every day :) >>>

31st May, 2007
Brandy's puppies are born: 4 females and one male! Read more >>>

27th May, 2007
A few pictures of Brandy in the last weeks of her pregnacy :)) >>>

17th May, 2007
On the 12th of May we were with Happy at a berner meeting in Göd organized by the Berner Sennenhund Club. Photos>>>

27th April, 2007
We are awaiting puppies out of Brandy and Utah des Hautes Vernades!!!>>>

8th April, 2007

7th April, 2007
Brandy's results updated >>>

3rd November, 2006
Puppy plans updated

29th October, 2006
At the Berner Sennenhund Club's Speciality Happy got exc3. Judge: Maija Anestad, NO

15th July, 2006
Happy: E1, CAC in champion class, and with this title she only needs one BOB result to be a Hungarian Grand Champion!

9th July, 2006
Brandy: E1, CAC in open class, Happy: E3 in champion class!

2nd July, 2006
Brandy: E1, CAC in open class, Happy: E1, CAC in champion class!

13th May, 2006
Brandy: ResCAC at a CACIB show in Hódmezovásárhely (H)!

10th April, 2006
New show-pictures about Happy!>>>

8st April, 2006
Happy: CAC at a show in Makó (H) and became Hungarian Champion! details>>>

1st April, 2006
Happy: resCAC at a show in Pápa (H)! details>>>

16th March, 2006
Puppy plans updated >>>

1st November, 2005
Our little daughter, Míra is born! Pictures >>>

21th August, 2005
Brandy got CAC at a CAC show in Szentes (H)!!!!>>>

6th August, 2005.
A son of our Max, Diósdligeti Édes Max Junior became R.CAC at the Clubshow of the SHKK. (judge: Heidi Kirchenbichler) Congratulations to the owners: Anikó and Attila! Photos >>> 1 > 2 > 3

21th May, 2005
Happy got CAC at a CAC show in Kiskunfélegyháza (H)!!!!

19th May, 2005
Brandy baby turned two years old today!!!

30th April, 2005
Happy got R.CAC at the CACIB show in Budapest!!!!

6th April, 2005
Happy is two years old today!!!!

She was a little scally wag...
and it hasn't changed until today!:)

6th March, 2005
At the CACIB show in Graz (A): Happy R.CAC, R.CACIB (Open class) and Brandy exc. (Intermediate class)!!!

6th February, 2005
At the CACIB show in Budapest: Happy Exc.1., CAC, CACIB (Open class) and Brandy R.CAC (Intermediate class)!!!

8th January, 2005
We took a long walk with all our two-and four legged daughters. Pictures>>>

28th Dezember, 2004
Planned litters for 2005: we plan to mate Brandy in March. Please don't hestitate to contact us, if you are interested in a puppy from this litter. We will be happy to answer your questions. Click here for details

21th December, 2004
Our x-ray results: Brandy - HD, ED, OCD free, Happy - HD, ED, OCD free!!!

13th November, 2004
Derby Show Budapest: Brandy exc.4 in junior class, Happy R.CAC in intermediate class.

10th October, 2004
CACIB Show Budapest: Happy R.CAC in intermediate class.

2nd October, 2004
Both girls passed the breeding test!

18th September, 2004
Austrian Clubshow: Brandy Exc.3 in Junior class, Happy exc. in Intermediate class!(see their own pages for details)

12th September, 2004
Happy HPJ in Kecskemét at a CACIB show and with this result Hungarian Junior Champion!

15th August, 2004
Happy Exc.1 and Hungaria Prima Junior, Brandy exc. 4. at a CAC Show (see their own pages for details)

1st July, 2004
Our official registered kennelname is: Kennel Sennenland's!

27th June 2004
Happy Exc.2 at the CAC Show in Kapuvár(see her own pages for details)

8th May, 2004
Happy Exc.1 and Hungaria Prima Junior, Brandy exc. 3. at a CACIB Show (see their own pages for details)

17th April, 2004
Happy Exc.3, Brandy very exc.4 at our clubshow (see their own pages for details)

12th February, 2004
In memoriam Balu

31st January, 2004
Happy Exc.2, Brandy very prom.1 at a CACIB Show (see their own pages for details)

23rd January, 2004

New photos!