Parents: Wekerlei-Nagymedve Joker and
Ladányi-Kedves Alida
1X Excellent I.
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Results of the x-rays:
HD, ED, OCD free

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We lost Bali. He died also of cancer, just like Max did. It's so unfair he had to leave so early, he was just 4 years old. I used to think that Bali will live for ever as he was always full of energy and full of life. In fact the last weeks of his life was like a nightmare: he didn't eat or drink anything, could not even stand up on his own. One week before his death he had a surgery, 'cause our vet thought he maybe had cancer in his intestines. He was right, but it was a consequence of his leukemia.
I can only hope Max and Balu already found eachother and are now playing together at the Rainbow Brigde...

Some words about Balu...

Balu came to us in February, 2000. He was a really big puppy! Everybody admired his giant paws and his strong bones. He was really fun to look at!
Bali's most characteristic quality is the demand of love. Of course I know that is true for the most BMDs, but I think there are some, who have a stronger demand like the average. He can look at the ones he loves, like nobody else. He just loves to lay his head in our lap or just being hugged. There is only one problem: his love is a bit slimy...
Balu has earned many successes at shows. He was just one year old when he got the Hungarian Junior Champion title. Since then he earned many CAC titles also.