Welcome to our homepage! We are Tímea Román and András Köpf, both have a degree in economics. We live in a small town near Budapest with our daughters Emma and Míra and with our BMDs.
Our life with berners began in 1997, when we decided to add a bernese puppy to our family. After researching a lot we found Max.

Many years have passed since then. We learned a lot about dogs, training, tricks. We attended shows with him, trained him and took part together in BMD Fun Meetings. We made contacts with berner fanciers, and we are really happy that we can consider many of them as our friends today.

In February, 2000 our family widened with Balu. We selected him by special aspects, certainly at that time we had much more information on the breed. We were looking for a puppy who could have a show career. Of course it was only secondary, because the most important thing for us is the health of the puppy and having one more family member. Bali was very successful at shows. He was only one year old when he earned the Hungarian Junior Champion title, later he won many CAC titles also.

Since Max' 'adoption' we are really active in bernese. We are permanent visitors of fun meetings and shows, we attended dog schools and herding events.

HappyAfter waiting for years we finally adopted Happy on the 15th June, 2003 from Switzerland. From the moment we met her personally we felt like she was made for us, and she acted like she had been knowing us for years already. She is a very attached and loving bernese, a cute little devil.

BrandyOur newest addition arrived on the 16th July, 2003. Zend-me-a-Brandy av Milkcreek came to us from Norway. She is also a very attached girl with a great personality.

Our girls have achieved many great show results and we do think that their lines, health and appearance make them worth to breed.



Our goal in breeding is to breed healthy and hopefully long-living puppies, we are very careful in choosing the studs for our girls and are researching the genetical background also. We consider short lifespan as the biggest problem of the breed and were choosing our bitches also because their long-living anchestors. Naturally also the stabil wesen and the beautiful appearance is important as these make the Bernese Mountain Dog unique. There is no other breed for as that is showing so much harmony like BMDs do. With choosing the breeding dogs very carefully and studying their lines we hope to decrease the risk of the hereditary diseases. Of course there is no guarantee, but we have to do everything we can...

Tímea Román & András Köpf